Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Have dandelions ever been so beautiful?  Today, after school,  J and S marched through the front door with a fist full of dandelions and a big hug for their mama.  The pleased look on their faces was priceless. They informed me they found a yard full of them, and so picked them for me.  I am truly flattered they thought of me on their way home from school.

It's moments like these that make my job the best in the world.  I loved little L's wonder in the car as the wind blew all the white flowering pear blossoms to the ground.  "It's snowing!" He exclaimed.  And then outside of Target he had to stop and sit on every red concrete ball sitting outside the store.  Each time I had to give him his estimated height off the ground (about 2 1/2 feet), and then he'd happily slide down to the next one.

I'm trying to find a better way to journal, but it's been so hard to find a medium I can really use: with pictures, and writing that will last through time.  I'm at a loss, but I'm going to try going back to my blog.  I just don't want to miss these moments.  One day, when they are grown and gone, I want something tangible I can hold on to, something that is still a piece of these wonderful moments we share together.

Friday, June 28, 2013

SUPER MOM to the Rescue! Discovering the SUPER in ME.

Climbing up the stairs, flowing cape behind and impending villain ahead, my son delegated our official superpowers.

“Super Baby, your power is speed. Mine is flying. And Mom, your superpower is yelling.”


I know his innocent imagination meant nothing by it, but I abandoned playtime and retreated to my room for some female emotional solitude and reflection. (Something super heroes know nothing about.)

Months have passed, and I am still reflecting: Do I have a superpower? What is it? (Please tell me it is more than yelling at my kids.) Is there anything I have to offer my children that could merit the title of “superpower?”

Yes. I do.


What could I possibly have to offer my children? I'm so often reacting to the moment: the stress of the homework, dishes, and cooking dinner; getting hungry mouths fed and bedtime rituals completed; making sure piano practice is completed and sports practice attended. I find myself so reactive that I usually lose my cool at one point or another during the day—usually during that magical 5 o’clock hour. Nothing super about that.

I don't make any money. I'm not exceptionally smart or beautiful, unless you consider 'frumpy' a superpower (as I type in my sweats). And my to-do list is longer than Santa’s “Naughty or Nice List.” Nothing super about that.

I basically do the same thing every day: get kids up, get kids off to school, watch the baby, try to keep the house clean, do the computer items and paperwork for the things I'm involved in, pick-up kids, help with homework, fix meals, clean-up meals, put kids to bed. Nothing super about that—or is there?

I do it. I do it day after day. It's such a small thing, and some days I enjoy it more than others, but I do it. I am super consistent.

When my kids call home because they are sick or broke a pair of glasses, I am always there to take the call. I am super available in times of need.

And when I mess up, day-after-day-after-day…I get up the next day and try again. I have the superpower of fortitude: to forgive myself when I fail, to have faith in myself to improve, and to have courage to trust that my mistakes will teach me to be a better mother.   


As I continued to ponder my superpowers, I realized—I have super senses, too!

I have x-ray vision! I see inside my kids’ hearts and often get insight as to what is going on in their heads. I see qualities that are easy for others to miss. I have the vision to see past the weakness to the potential.

My super sniffer can detect trouble that only a mother can smell.

My heightened hearing can detect words left unspoken and decode the real meaning of the encrypted statement.

With my healing touch I can hug away a bad day, and with my magic kiss I can make an “owie” all better.


But the best superpower I have to offer my children is a mother's love. This power is stronger than steel and can never be broken. Its forgiveness is faster than lightning. Its generosity is deeper than space. Its selflessness makes your heart soar. The love of a mother can make you happy enough to fly!

So the next time you see something soaring in the air you may think, “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” But if you look a little closer, you’ll realize it’s YOU!


What is SUPER in you?

Power In Moms!

Over a year ago I began my journey with  Power of Moms.  Last weekend I hosted and presented my first mini-retreat.  I felt so blessed to be in a room full of mothers who really want to make a difference!  To step beyond the boundaries of mediocre to something better, something great--SUPER even.
 I was able to present with my good friend Dawn. I respect her so much for her ability to empower and motivate women.  She has a great gift and ability to take content and make it applicable in everyday life.  I will miss her as my personal coach and cheerleader, to pursue my talents and dreams, as she moves on with her family in their new journey to follow their own rainbows.

The women who came had such great discussion points.  We discussed the "Mommy Is A Person" training, and how we each have our own needs, desires, and dreams beyond the job of "Mom."  We were all encouraged to walk away with just a couple of things we could do to actively change.  Here are mine:

  • Re-examine my Boundaries: What is the most sacred use of my time?  What is sucking up time that I need to have the courage to let go of?  How can I better safe-guard my time?
  • Results: Planned a meeting with my husband to sit down and re-evaluate our "needs" and what we both need to thrive.  Then make changes accordingly.
  • Social Facet: What can I do to increase my "face" time with people rather than texting, fb, etc.?
  • Results: Went to my first book-club, gave up some of my cleaning time to stop my car and visit with a friend who is going through a lot, gave up some computer time to go to lunch with a friend who was in town.
I was scared stiff to present, but I was excited with the turnout and hope everyone walked away with something they can use to empower themselves as mothers.

What can you do for the "Me" in "Mommy?"


Mommy Blogger.  Really?  Do moms have time for that?  I don't.  Although I jumped on the wagon seven years ago, I haven't been a consistent blogger for years now.  But there is a new cause--something bigger than me.  Bigger than my family.  Bigger than the world wide web.  We need super moms!

I don't have all the answers.  No one does.  Each kid needs his own instruction manual.  But I know I struggle daily!  Today I sat on the trunk of my car with the car doors open in one-hundred-degree sunshine while my young son yelled at me because I was "getting back at him."  He was "getting back at me" by not getting out of the car to run into a cupcake shop to pick-up one brownie for someone I loved.  Literally a one-minute errand.

After sitting in the heat for twenty minutes, he finally consented to go inside with me, but only on the conditions he set.  These were conditions I could not agree to, so we sat for ten more minutes.  With hair damp about his face and red cheeks from throwing such a tantrum in the heat, he finally became calm enough to decide to go in with me.  One minute later we were on our way home.

Did I handle it right?  I don't know.  Would you have handled it differently?  Very possibly.  But that is my life with the world's most stubborn child.  Every day I am tested to my very limits. Some days I feel like I can pat myself on the back for the way I handled things.  Most days I find myself on my knees begging for forgiveness and a chance to try another day.

But somewhere in this daily battle of trying to handle my spirited children with love, rather than reacting in the moment like a beaker gone awry, I dig a little deeper, try a little harder, pray a little longer, and get up another day to do it all again.  That is what makes every mom super.