Super Mom!

Climbing up the stairs, flowing cape behind and impending villain ahead, my son delegated our official superpowers.

“Super Baby, your power is speed. Mine is flying. And Mom, your superpower is yelling.”


I know his innocent imagination meant nothing by it, but I abandoned playtime and retreated to my room for some female emotional solitude and reflection. (Something super heroes know nothing about.)

Months have passed, and I am still reflecting: Do I have a superpower? What is it? (Please tell me it is more than yelling at my kids.) Is there anything I have to offer my children that could merit the title of “superpower?”

Yes. I do.


What could I possibly have to offer my children? I'm so often reacting to the moment: the stress of the homework, dishes, and cooking dinner; getting hungry mouths fed and bedtime rituals completed; making sure piano practice is completed and sports practice attended. I find myself so reactive that I usually lose my cool at one point or another during the day—usually during that magical 5 o’clock hour. Nothing super about that.

I don't make any money. I'm not exceptionally smart or beautiful, unless you consider 'frumpy' a superpower (as I type in my sweats). And my to-do list is longer than Santa’s “Naughty or Nice List.” Nothing super about that.

I basically do the same thing every day: get kids up, get kids off to school, watch the baby, try to keep the house clean, do the computer items and paperwork for the things I'm involved in, pick-up kids, help with homework, fix meals, clean-up meals, put kids to bed. Nothing super about that—or is there?

I do it. I do it day after day. It's such a small thing, and some days I enjoy it more than others, but I do it. I am super consistent.

When my kids call home because they are sick or broke a pair of glasses, I am always there to take the call. I am super available in times of need.

And when I mess up, day-after-day-after-day…I get up the next day and try again. I have the superpower of fortitude: to forgive myself when I fail, to have faith in myself to improve, and to have courage to trust that my mistakes will teach me to be a better mother.   


As I continued to ponder my superpowers, I realized—I have super senses, too!

I have x-ray vision! I see inside my kids’ hearts and often get insight as to what is going on in their heads. I see qualities that are easy for others to miss. I have the vision to see past the weakness to the potential.

My super sniffer can detect trouble that only a mother can smell.

My heightened hearing can detect words left unspoken and decode the real meaning of the encrypted statement.

With my healing touch I can hug away a bad day, and with my magic kiss I can make an “owie” all better.


But the best superpower I have to offer my children is a mother's love. This power is stronger than steel and can never be broken. Its forgiveness is faster than lightning. Its generosity is deeper than space. Its selflessness makes your heart soar. The love of a mother can make you happy enough to fly!

So the next time you see something soaring in the air you may think, “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” But if you look a little closer, you’ll realize it’s YOU!


What is SUPER in you?

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