Friday, June 28, 2013

Power In Moms!

Over a year ago I began my journey with  Power of Moms.  Last weekend I hosted and presented my first mini-retreat.  I felt so blessed to be in a room full of mothers who really want to make a difference!  To step beyond the boundaries of mediocre to something better, something great--SUPER even.
 I was able to present with my good friend Dawn. I respect her so much for her ability to empower and motivate women.  She has a great gift and ability to take content and make it applicable in everyday life.  I will miss her as my personal coach and cheerleader, to pursue my talents and dreams, as she moves on with her family in their new journey to follow their own rainbows.

The women who came had such great discussion points.  We discussed the "Mommy Is A Person" training, and how we each have our own needs, desires, and dreams beyond the job of "Mom."  We were all encouraged to walk away with just a couple of things we could do to actively change.  Here are mine:

  • Re-examine my Boundaries: What is the most sacred use of my time?  What is sucking up time that I need to have the courage to let go of?  How can I better safe-guard my time?
  • Results: Planned a meeting with my husband to sit down and re-evaluate our "needs" and what we both need to thrive.  Then make changes accordingly.
  • Social Facet: What can I do to increase my "face" time with people rather than texting, fb, etc.?
  • Results: Went to my first book-club, gave up some of my cleaning time to stop my car and visit with a friend who is going through a lot, gave up some computer time to go to lunch with a friend who was in town.
I was scared stiff to present, but I was excited with the turnout and hope everyone walked away with something they can use to empower themselves as mothers.

What can you do for the "Me" in "Mommy?"

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  1. Thank you so much for a great retreat! You did a great job and I never would have guessed it was your first! I loved being surrounded by moms who wanted to improve. Thanks for opening your home to us. I'm looking forward to exercising more and trying to have more balance in my life. Thanks!